Friday, February 29, 2008

Conner Prairie

Last spring while I was in the Indianapolis IN area going to the Lasko School of Log Building I managed to visit a place called Conner Prairie just north of Indianapolis. As I entered the outdoor museum I was amazed by the early 1800 hand hewn style log cabins and barns. One of the largest collections of restored log structures that I've ever visited.
I was taking pictures of one of the barns when one of the people that worked there came up and ask if I was from the magazine. I told him that I wasn't and he went on to tell me about a guy from one of the log home magazines that had just been there the day before. Not knowing which magazine he was from, I figured I would keep an eye out for the article.
It finally appeared in the April Issue of Log Homes Illustrated. Here is part of the article.

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