Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Log Home Endeavor

It has been a dream of mine since child hood to one day have a log home. I remember my first log home magazine, I was probably around 13 or so when I first fell in love with the look of the log cabins, and log homes. In my early 20's my growing love for the craft of wood working, started leading me to believe that I could possibly build my own log home from scratch.
Cutting trees from your own land, and building your own home from them may sound a little eighteen-hundredesh. But if early settlers done it with axes and mules and very little training. Surely a moderately skilled craftsman with a chainsaw, power tools, and educating himself in the art of log building can do it! Right? If not, we'll have one huge bonfire. :)

This blog will document my progress from learning the craft of log building, to hopefully building our own log home from scratch. The entire process will probably take 3 years. When we are done maybe we will have made our dream come true.

The next several post will be intended to bring you up to where we are currently in our endeavor. As I start this blog it is June, we actually started cutting logs in January. I will be posting pictures and video of my "on the job learning".

This blog is in no-way meant to teach or instruct in how to build a log home. Nor am I endorsing products, people, or methods. This blog is intended to document our journey in our endeavor.

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Unknown said...

Cliff keep this page updated. This is all interesting, and it looks like your progress is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work love ya.