Friday, February 15, 2008

1st Round Log

Today we put our first round log on the wall. We're building a round log chinker. We have lateral grove islands so that the log is close the length of the log. We will use chinking to fill in between the logs. I love the look of Maple Island log Homes thats look I'm try to achieve. Only our logs are nowhere near as straight as theres so our house will have LOT of "character". :)

I got a little help today. (My wife made me take the picture of her off.) :(Using a butterfly to left the sagging middle.
Close up of the butterfly in use.
Cutting lateral grove island so that the log is close the length of the log.

Nice fit.


Bearfort Lodge said...

Absolutely fantastic -- Love your site. I definitely will follow along on your adventure.

It is exciting to see someone build their own log home - especially when the whole family is involved.

Cliff said...

Thanks for the comment bearfort. I love having my wife and kids helping out. I know we will all look back and remember building our home and you never know what will inspire a child.