Monday, February 4, 2008

3/4 Sill Log On The Wall

I finally put the 1st 3/4 sill log on the wall. This is the log I had cut in order to "straighten" it. I rough cut the back door opening. What I mean by rough cut is that I cut the door under size so that I can make a finish cut later after all the logs are on the wall. You would normally like your sill logs to be an uncut log. This helps to hold every thing together. Instead I placed a 2x8 under the cut and screwed the to parts of the log to the 2x8 this will help keep every thing in place. I've never read or saw anyone doing this so I hope I don't have any problems with it.
I also made my first rooky mistake. I forgot to cut my saddle over the notch before I cut the notch. When I cut the saddle I cut into the notch cavity which made me have a gap at the top of the notch. Nothing that a little caulk want fix but I want make that mistake again.

Relif Cuts
Break out the relif cuts
Finished Notch
Tight fit here
Notice the gap at the top of the notch. :(
Cut door opening to straighten

Remember the bend

Now a straight log

1st 3/4 sill log on the wall

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