Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Log Trailer

We have been looking for a trailer to haul saw logs with. We found this one at a local farm auction. This is just what we were looking for cheap but rugged and double axle, 4' wide by 18' long. It didn't have a floor, so that gave me the opportunity to put on timbers which would put the load above the wheels for easy manual loading and unloading, also they increased the width to 6'. We will start cutting trees tomorrow at my mamas and the trailer will allow us to haul the logs home as we cut.

Cutting timbers using my home built sawmill attachment.
I made some threaded brackets to bolt the timbers to the frame. They clip into place on the bottom of the frame.
Log trailer with movable loading ramps. (I put the removable uprights on after I took this picture)

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